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Echo Mobile Libary is van that drives between refugee camps in Greece, 5 days a week, loaning out books and running educational sessions.

The people living in these camps have very little, if any acess to educational services, so the Echo van provides a vital link to the world of literature and learning.

This film was made as part of a fundraising campaign.


After seeing in the news that a man in China had ran a 50K event in his living room, Gareth Allen, 47, felt immediately inspired to do something similar. He took out his tape measure, headed out to his back garden and worked out how many laps it would take him to complete a marathon.


Filmed in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown, we hope this film can inspire people further to not let a dark situation stop them from being active.

Client  Runners World

Services  Film

Released 2020


Dunan Booth is a family man and ex-teacher who lives in Keswick, A small town in the Lake district.


10 years ago he was diagnosed with MS. This disease has a huge effect on a persons ability to walk. However, Duncan lived his life in the outdoors, and avid climber, fell runnner and rower and refused to let his unfortunate circumstances slow him down.

By using an electronic mountain bike in lieu of a wheelchair, Duncan has been able to continue his adventures and reach places usually totally inacessable to a person with his condition.


KMF LAURELS MASTER 2019 Official Selecti

Client  Cyclotricity

Services  Film and Photography

Released 2019

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2020 Official selection laurels black tr
AUDIENCE AWARD - International Road Movi


An experimental adventure documentary following David Cook and his freind Chris Jones as they attempt to run 10 marathons in 10 days up the west coast of Ireland.

Along the way,  nipples bled, knees collapsed, many a fine view was viewed and goats were befreinded.

Winner of several awards and broadcasted on 3 continents.

Released 2019

Released 2020


A film about a small group of artists on a small Greek island build an experimental music festival, aiming to bridge the gap between the Greeks and the Refugees community, who have been trapped on the Island due to changes in EU boarder regulations.


This film is about the healing power of love, freindship and hope and follows a wide cast of charaters in the lead up to the Yellow Days Festival. 

2020 Official selection laurels black tr
2019 Best Climb Film Bronze.png
2019 Best MIS Film Silver.png


We were commisioned by Moon climbing to head out to Austria and meet David Fitzagerald. an un an coming Irish climber on the Moon team.


He was going to attempt some of the most difficult boulder problems in the world and had a month to do so. This film explores what it takes to be a high level athelete and showcases some world class climbing in some stunning locales.

Client  Moon Climbing

Services  Film, Product Photography, Marketing and release strategy

Released 2019

Released 2019


Martin Keller, by his own admission is not a very strong climber (although we are inclined to dissagree)


He climbs at an elite level, but in an unusal way, instead of spending countless hours in the gym, or on trips around the world sampling different boudlers and problems, Martin instead obessively works at the same boudler problem, sometimes for years until he has built the specific stype of strengh and worked out the exact sequence of tiny moves that will allow him to complete it.

The film tells the story of one of Martins most difficult projects to date.

Client  Moon Climbing

Services  Film, Product Photography, Marketing and release strategy

Released 2019


Roughly twice a year Venice floods in the phenomeon known as the Acqua Alta (high water)


While being a huge cost to the city and an extreme annoyance to it’s residents. it is also spectacularly beautiful,

turning an already magical looking city into something from a dream. We were lucky enough to be passing through when we heard the high water sirens sounding, and quickly ran to grab our cameras.


Released 2018


The film that started it all, In 2016 we travelled to South Africa to make a cycling documentary for a water and sanitation NGO ‘The Long well Walk’


Filmed over the course of 5 months and though 8 countries, this series of films follows the charities fouder, Liam, as he rides north up the conitnent, visiting water projects along the way.

This is a 4 part youtube series

Client  The Long Well Walk

Services  Film, Photography

Released 2019


Sam sherbourne is a Sheffield based artist and blacksmith who uses a bewlidering array of anient blacksmithing techniqques, early 20th century machine tools and a lot of imaggination to create cryptic, funny and heartwarming scultpures that reflect the things he has been pondering over.

Client  Moon Climbing

Services  Film, Product Photography, Marketing and release strategy

Released 2018