Who is Duncan Booth?

Duncan Booth was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on 1 June 2010 at the age 39. He was an elite rock climber, worked full-time as a teacher in a local primary school and had three young sons. He had spent his life outdoors and put up a number of routes that haven’t been repeated since. His name is against a number of first ascents in the Lake District and overseas.

His legs had become heavy and felt ‘uncomfortable’ – just one visit to a neurologist confirmed his and his wife Yvonne’s worst fears and their lives changed forever.



The current state of MS treatment can potentially slow the disease down, but we are still a long way away from reversing the effects or preventing the disease taking hold. 

After being diagnosed, Duncan’s wife Yvonne set up a charity event,  The 10 in 10 Challenge. Every June hundreds of people take part in a run/walk over 10 peaks in the Lake District, at the time of writing this they have raised over half a million pounds for MS research.

These days, Duncan is unable to take part in the 10in10, so in order to be involved in the fundraising effort he sets himself a challenge each year, these challenges have taken him all over europe on his E-bike, the furthest being an unsupported cycle to Sweden.

2020 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the 10in10 challenge, Duncan and Yvonne have set a goal to raise £100,000 this year, part of this money will be raised by Duncan going on a charity bike adventure down the west coast of ireland, including  a climb up Cnoc na Mara an iconic 100 meter sea stack, which duncan will attempt to lead climb. Cnoc na Mara is rarely climbed due to it’s difficult access, it can only be reached by abseiling and kayaking. 


Starting in county Donegal in the North of the west coast, Duncan will ride 2000km's  south along some of the most dramatic coastlines in the world, taking in the sights, meeting people along the way and living on the road for a month.

We will make a stop at Cnoc na Mara an iconic 100 meter sea stack which duncan will attempt to lead climb. This will be the most difficult part of the journey but will provide a great challenge and a chance to discuss Ireland's amazing climbing areas which are often overlooked . Additionally, it will break up the narrative and allow the film to be of interest to a wider audience. 



We will make a funny, exciting and heartwarming film about Duncan’s journey down the west coast, along the way we will learn about Duncan, his life and his battle with MS.  

Duncan is an enduringly positive and humorous person, who has refused to be slowed down by his illness, so the theme of this film will be overcoming adversity and remaining positive, even when a situation is very difficult. We hope the film will create a dialogue with the audience and challenge people’s views on what it means to have a physical disability. 


The narrative will emerge in a naturalistic way, through conversations between Duncan and the filming team as well as people we meet along the route. The journey will provide the backbone to the story  and the climbing section will give us the opportunity to open up the narrative to different topics and give us a change of pace.

We have previously filmed a documentary on the west coast of Ireland, so know the area well and can make a route that passes by some amazing natural sights and culturally interesting locations.

We hope this film creates a positive impact on people, encourages them to get out into the outdoors and assists the fundraising efforts of Yvonne and Duncan.

The primary goal of this film is to raise money for MS research and start a conversation about the disease and its impact on people's lives and we hope that after watching this film, people will feel inspired to donate to MS research or to start fundraising efforts of their own. 

Our target audience will be primarily people who are interested in Adventure cinema but we believe that this film will be relevant to a much wider audience then a normal adventure film.

Over 100,000 people in the UK have MS, and many more are personally effected by the disease through a family member or friend. We will also be reaching out to people that are interested in watching and sharing inspiring stories of human resilience.

Due to the the unique nature of the trip and Duncan's character, we think this film will make a lot of impact online and will be picked up by local and national news sites.

In return for funding this film, our sponsor will receive many benefits including but not limited to increased brand visibility and awareness and  a chance to be involved in a socially beneficial project.

We are also very happy for our main sponsor to host the film on their YouTube channel which will bring in traffic as a knock on effect to their other videos. 

We will also submit the finished film to a series of film festivals.

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Puzzleglass is an award winning documentary company, we specialise in inspiring, positive films that showcase amazing people and ideas. We started our company after meeting on a 9000 mile cycle adventure in Sub Saharan Africa, and have been making films together ever since. Our documentaries have won several awards at festivals across Europe and have been screened at many more.

Joe O’Connor is a director, videographer and editor  who has worked as a filmmaker since leaving college, he previously has worked for a leading aerial videography company Fleye and as a freelance camera operator on shoots for clients such as Channel 4 and NME and is a CAA qualified drone pilot. He currently lives in Athens where he runs a participatory documentary workshop with Afghani Refugees.

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Sam Walker is a producer, photographer and videographer from the Peak District National Park. Over the last 3 years Sam has worked on numerous film/photography projects within the outdoor sector as a producer and camera operator for clients like Moon Climbing and Visit England - gaining valuable experience managing productions with complex logistics.



Brand visibility 


The Berghaus logos and brand signifiers will be prominent in the film and its marketing push. 

Our previous films have been distributed worldwide, On TV, at film festivals and in film tours. 

Sponsoring this film is an opportunity to increase the brand visibility of Berghaus globally.

We are confident in this story being picked up by local and national news outlets, as well as websites, blogs and individuals writing about some of the issues and activities highlighted by the film.


Positive brand association


You will be connected to a socially progessive media event, promoting a disabled person in the world of adventure which is usually the realm of able bodied individuals provides a great story for your brand and demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusivity 


Increased engagement on social media. 


We can supply regular content during the trip, creating a live insight into the trip and a story over the time on the road which will keep viewers coming back. 

One of our previous films increased the follower count of our client by the thousands, click here for a case study about that project.


A larger potential customer base.


This film has a strong potential to reach a wider audience due to its unique nature. As it strays away from classic adventure film tropes and themes which will make it more viable to push out to a wider range of people and tap into audiences interested in good news stories, inspirational films and those engaged with issues like MS and disability rights.


Moving On

We worked with Duncan on a short documentary last year called 'Moving On' which premiered at Kendal Mountain Film festival and is currently part of their UK film tour with plans to include in on the world tour. To date, this film is also screening at Peebles Outdoor Film Festival and the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

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Commissioned by Moon Climbing, we produced a mixed media campaign, following their top performing boulderer on a 'blocbusting' trip around Europe.

The campaign included a 20 minute cinematic documentary of the trip as well as 5 minute festival cut for the film festival circuit.

Alongside the films, we delivered a suite of catalouge-style images of climbers wearing their new 2019 clothing range and carried out a full social media takeover for the month long trip - keeping followers up to date with bts, high quality stills and mini edits from various climbing projects.

Following the trip we set up a social media campaign and built an audience through the film, driving sales for their new range and generating six figures sales for the client.

The film was positively received online and was selected to screen at numerous outdoor festivals, scooping two awards at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and touring with Kendal Mountain Festival in China. The documentary was also picked up by Outside TV for their online and broadcast television channel.

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SEMI-FINALIST - Irish Adventure Film Fes

Dave Goes West

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