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more videos

The yellow projects are an initiative hoping to inspire change in the way we view refugees.

They run an annual festival in Greece, which aims to create a safe space for people who have fled war and persecution, and promotes unity, respect and tolerance of other cultures 

Pedal is a film we created in partnership with the organisation Action4Asia, which raised money for water and sanitation projects in South East Asia by undertaking a 9000 mile fundraising expedition. 

We went along for the ride and make a film of the journey to assist them in their fundraising goals 

Currently in Sheffield, a large amount of the cities trees are being felled as part of controversial civil project to fix the pavements. 

Some of these trees were originally planted 100 years ago to act as memorials to soldiers from Sheffield who died in the first world war. 

We collaborated with a local artist to create this film, which we hope 

music videos

music videos

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