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This is a film about a slightly overweight man from Derbyshire running 260 miles 10 days along the west coast of Ireland.

Dave is one of our oldest friends, and one day we were in the pub when someone asked the question, 'Do you think you could run 10 marathons in 10 days?' 

6 months later we were in Dingle, on the south west coast of Ireland, ready to set off on an adventure. Dave had not done as much training as he had hoped, and the next 10 days were a true battle of mind over matter. 


I'm excited

about the next level

of madness 


Dave Goes West will be released in 2019

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Our trip coincided with a experimental humanitarian music festival, ran by a team of artists from around Europe, which aimed to promote integration between the Greeks and the refugees with a weekend of music, workshops and food. as well as creating a place of safe self expression for the refugee community on the island, many of whom are severely traumatized by the events that led them to leave their homes. 

the yellow days 

Last year we flew to the Greek island of Leros in order to hear the stories of refugees fleeing from the war in Syria and the local islanders who have become their reluctant neighbors.

This film follows a colourful cast of characters from Leros, Syria, Iraq and Europe as their paths cross in the run up to the Yellow Days festival. 


The Yellow Days will be released in 2019

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In 2018 we were commissioned by Moon Climbing, to fly out to Austria and make a documentary about one of their best sponsored athletes, David Fitzgerald.

David was attempting to climb some of the hardest boulder problems in Europe, and our film follows him across Austria and Switzerland as he seeks out the most difficult climbs in the region.

We aimed to make a documentary that appealed to both climbers and non climbers. Which explored the obsession and dedication a person requires in order to perform as a top level athlete. 

Bouldering is a discipline of climbing which is stripped back to the bare fundamentals of the sport. 

There are no ropes and each 'problem' is typically found on freestanding boulders. 

While the climbs may take less then a minute to complete, the size of the holds and the angle of the rock make climbing the most difficult boulders a superhuman effort.


Some problems require weeks, months or even years of attempts in order to solve. 

This film largely focuses on two problems, Bügeleisen and Big Paw, both graded at an 8c difficulty and both of which have been climbed by less then 10 people.

Blocbuster will be released in 2019

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