Dead Mans Uke - Do The Don't

Our award winning video for the Two Weeks to Make It competition.

We were paired up at random with a local band and given 2 weeks to film and edit a music video. We were lucky to be partnered with the awesome Dead Mans Uke and together pulled out all the stops to produce a crazy video full of dancing, free running, magic tricks and of course, lots of Ukulele!

Check out the video that took second place at this year's competition! See the other competition entries here.  

Otis Mensah - Creep & Crawl

'Creep n Crawl' is the new single from Otis Mensah, taken from a series of releases. The song touches on the concept of fears & feelings suppressed and the demons they morph into when neglected & left to grow.

We shot the video over a few weeks in early 2017 at numerous locations around Sheffield and the Peak District aiming to achieve a dark feeling that reflects the nature of the song.

The video debuted on the Cypher Effect Hip Hop Music Network in Summer 2017.

SkyLingers - The Hunted

Sheffield band Skylingers had a clear idea for a Snow-White inspired narrative driven music video. 

The video was shot in a single day in the Peak District with various locations and costume changes.

Lead Singer Ferret said: "Puzzleglass filmed our music video for 'The Hunted' and the end result is something so wonderful!!! The guys worked so so hard on the day of the shoot, up early hours, out in the cold, never complaining, always eager to get the shots we wanted. The editing process allowed us to get involved and make changes and end up with a finished product we are all really proud of."



We produced a performance-based music video for heavy prog band Normaliser at Redfern Studios in Sheffield.

The band wanted a cold, bleak feeling video for their new single '404' which we achieved using effectively placed cold colour temperature LED lighting and cameras optimised for low-light shooting.

"Total professionals, they got some great footage and were really thorough." - NORMALISER

Check out their Facebook page for more.




Habberdash, an Alternative Rock band from Sheffield wanted a clean and simple video for their brand new single 'Manikin'.

We shot a performance based video for them at our studio against a clean white background - minimising distraction and focussing on the instruments and performers to create timeless, high quality video.

The video launched ahead of their brand new EP 'With Immediate Effect. Check out their Facebook page for more.


4 piece pop rock band Hush wanted a performance video for their debut single 'Memory Lane'.

They required a simple, vintage style video with a nostalgic feel, inspired by the Guns N' Roses 'Sweet Child O' Mine' music video. 

Shot in a local performance venue, we created a stripped back, classy performance video with a casual feel. We included lots of outtake and fly on the wall style shots to convey the band's character and personality on screen.

Check out their Facebook page and Soundcloud for more.

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