Following the last leg of a 9000 mile cycle across South East Asia. Pedal depicts the highs and lows of adventure cycling. 

Our director Joe O'Connor flew out to Nepal with Walker Creative to find Dave Cook, the leader of a small team of cyclists. They had been on the road for 6 months at that point and huge cracks were appearing in their personal relationships with each other. 

We followed the team across Nepal and India, documenting life on the road and learning about the team and their journey as they battle the most dangerous roads in the world. 

Pedal can be watched below.




In 2016 we flew to South Africa with Walker Creative to meet a man named Liam Garcia preparing to leave Cape Town on a long and difficult expedition. Liam runs a small water and sanitation charity that operates in Sub Saharan Africa, he planned to cycle and hike through 8 countries, from South Africa to Uganda and visit the water project his charity had paid for. We aimed to investigate the historical, economic, social and environmental causes of water deprivation and ask difficult questions about the effectiveness of Western aid in Africa.


The first in a series of 6 mini documentaries about human self expression through art. Sam Sherborne is an sculptor, who untangels his anxieties through blacksmithing. His sculptures are personal and full of meaning. We spent a few days in his forge, learning about his work and his personal philosophies.