RECENT Documentaries

'Voyager' follows Irish climber David Fitzgerald who, after taking up the sport only 5 years ago, travelled to the Peak District to try the hardest bouldering problems on grit. After sending Deliverance (7B+) and The Ace (8B) David set his sights on Voyager sit start (8B+).

The first in a series of 6 short documentaries about human self expression through art, Fire and Steel is about Sam Sherborne, a sculptor who uses art as a way of disentangling his anxieties.

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Cape Town to Uganda by bicycle - A quick visual recap of some of the best moments of the first half of the 'Just Add Water' expedition.

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A small team of students from Sheffield cycled 9000 miles across Asia, from Singapore to Mumbai. This film follows the last leg of their epic journey.

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100 years on...

100 years ago the First World War came to and end, a conflict that claimed the lives of millions of people around the world. The first day of the Somme saw about 600 men from Sheffield alone lose their lives. 

Around the city, memorial trees were planted, largely by the mothers and families of the lost men. Plans by Sheffield City Council to fell a large amount of trees around the city, including many of these memorial trees. 

We think it is an affront to the memory of the men who laid down their lives to cut down these trees, so we have put this film together. Both to mark the centenary of the terrible conflict and to remind people of the historical and emotional importance of the trees that stand 100 years on.

Recent Music Videos

Our award winning video for the 2017 Two Weeks to Make It music video competition.

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'Creep n Crawl' is the new single from Otis Mensah, taken from a series of releases.

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Official video for 'The Hunted' by Skyligers 'Into The Wild Wood' EP

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